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Swing Door Mechanism(EMS)


Otomatik Menteşeli (Swing) Kapı Mekanizması

Automatic Swing Door Mechanism

The Esdor® EMS 100 is a smart door unit that can be opened to both sides, both inside and outside. It can be adjusted to individual usage requirements and can be programmed by the user. It is made with different design than the commonly used shapes and equipped with a new, intelligent control system.

The EMS 100 automatic hinged door has been developed for both inside and outside applications.


Business centers and institutions,
Hospitals, laboratories
Restaurants and kitchens,
Elderly and child care houses
The hotels and dormitories,
Apartments and private housing,
Supermarkets, stores and bureaux


As well as ease of opening and closing and security in areas where you need it.


Comfortable use

Esdor® EMS 100 is easy to use. Many adjustable functions are provided using Esdor Smart Door Technology.

Over 20 years of experience in automatic doors and Esdor Smart Door Technology has been developed and manufactured. This system continuously monitors its own movements and ensures perfect door movement. It has intelligence that can think like a person and can regulate its movements by interpreting.

The push and plug and windstack functions of the EMS 100 are standard functions. During opening the opening angle and the opening / closing speed can be programmed as desired.