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Ship, Boat and Yacht Doors

Esdor Ship, Boat and Yacht Doors

The industrial door types which are used in ships, boats and yachts can be applied as a special design which can be opened till 8.00 M according to the needs.

It can be applied as one or dual-wing door till 2400 mm of width where there is a requirement for air and water proof.

Esdor® Ship, Boat and Yacht Doors are high-quality products by means of opining capacity of height, opening, closing security and usage convenience.

These products composed of strong structured components which are durable against the corrosion and its special design provides 10 degree of slope tolerance.

This system doesn’t affected by moisture, quake temperature change, besides it protects itself from the misusage errors.

However, it has an easy intervention function for the emergency circumstances.