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Automatic Hangar Doors

Esdor® Hangar Doors are used to control the hangar entrances.


Esdor® Hangar Doors are high quality products by means of the opening height, opening and closing security and the usage convenience. After 20 years of Hangar door experience, we design the all details and we use the high standard material, technology and labour.


Tension strength, creep strength, elastic modulus, shear modulus, thermal coefficient of expansion, deflection and the static charge are calculated through a special analysis program by considering the movements of the built, general effects, the wind movements and weight combinations. Opening width and height can be designed according to the need.


Esdor® Hangar Door’s mechanic systems are designed specially which is composed by the strong and durable components agains corrosion. It slides on a steel rail with 2 main wheels at the bottom and 2 guide wheels at the top. 40 and 50 mm galvanized (aluminum) painted rock wool filled panel or 40 and 50 mm galvanized painted polyurethane filled panels can be used as one or dual sided. It is produced as modular and sent to the montage area.

Esdor® Hangar Door’s wing units can move manually while the electricity black outs. The door moves as long as we push the movement button and it stops to move when we stop to push or when we push the stop button. The wings will stop automatically when it comes to the full opened place. Besides, its security photocell stops the door if it perceives an obstacle between the wings.

There is also an option to make windows and personnel entrance door on the hangar door, according to the customers preferences. As long as the personnel door is opened the hangar door does not move.

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