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Automatic Sliding Doors


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Different and New

EKS Automatic Intelligent Doors are different and new solution from the ordinary door systems with its design, high-tech, and montage convenience. It provides the all functions that the modern structure understanding while it includes the quality and esthetics factors.

The Mechanism tested 1.000.000 times for opining-closing and the mechanism’s height of Esdor is 12 cm.

The montage of the modular system electromechanical unit is very easy. It protect itself from the all kinds of usage errors with its outstanding intelligent control system. It percepts the changing conditions and fixes its own speed option with its intelligent, thinking, reading system called “Self – Monitoring” control system and it prevents the sudden movements.


EKS Automatic Door is Functional

The movement speed, opining gap and the waiting period can be fixed according to you preferences.

It fixes its own opining and closing distance automatically with its micro processor.

It serves the wishes of the costumer with the Automatic Opining-Closing, One-way opening, Winter Gap, AirLock, Opened and closed functions. It signals in every usage. (Led) It provides an exploration convenience to find out the usage based errors easily and accurately.