Esdor Automatic Doors | Automatic Telescopic Doors

Automatic Telescopic Doors



These doors was developed to provide the widest opening to the building entrances.(inside and outside)

Telescopic door’s main mission is to provide a wide gap to the entrances which have confined spaces. It is a convenient application in such places where there is high human traffic like market entrances or car showrooms. It makes it easier to pass through the door in these kinds of places.

It can be applied as one or dual-winged.


Esdor® Telescopic Doors are Functional

It has various functions to choose according to the costumers personal needs.

The movement speed, opining gap and the waiting period can be fixed according to you preferences.

It fixes its own opining and closing distance automatically with its micro processor.

It serves the wishes of the costumer with the a lot of options . (Automatic Opining-Closing, One-way opening, Winter Gap, AirLock, Opened and Closed )

It signals in every usage. (Led)

It provides an exploration convenience to find out the usage based errors easily and accurately.