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Aluminium Wing Units

esdorlogoanim DESIGNtipler

These are the genuine designs which are esthetic structure having, easy to produce and montage since we have experience over 40 year of Aluminum structure system, it was developed studiously which all the possible problems solved.Units are developed for work in long years without sustain any deformation.

esdorlogoanim ES 30:

The esthetic complemental of the modern facade systems with its smooth lines.

ES30 Profile Systems presented to sale by two types as 12mm and 20 mm glass mounts.Vertical profiles are oval, the profiles which has 12mm glass mount horizontal profiles are oval and 20 mm profiles has straight form.


esdorlogoanim ES 20:

Modern, elegant, durable… ES20 Profile Systems presented to sale as its 16 mm glass mount. Vertical profiles are oval, horizontal profiles are straight formed.