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Aluminium Fixed Casings

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Esdor® aluminum fixed casings are made of ES30 Aluminum Profile System which developed with experience over 40 years in Aluminum Structure Systems and 20 year experience of automatic door systems.Since every details fixed, its production and montage is very easy.

Fİxed casings provide durablility, smoothness and easiness for the montage of the automatic doors. Therefore automatic doors work healthfully for long years.

Generally the walls where the montage of the automatic door applications are making to these materials : brick, pumice concrete, gas concrete, plaster…etc.

The uneven walls sometimes causes to problematic montages( like problematic screw on) which makes the automatic doors work inefficiently. It is very important to create a smooth and durable montage ground.

Esdor® Fixed(hidden) casings are made by the intertwine of ES30 Profiles. In this way, we reach a durable and economic result.