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Hermetic Sliding Doors




The Sliding Doors for Hermetic Rooms


EHS O door unit is developed for provide the necessities of present and the future hypercritically. It can be applied as one or dual-wing door till 2400 mm of width.

Panel Kinds:

  • Laminate Panel
  • Stainless Steel Panel
  • Glass Panel
  • Soundproof Panel (Laminate, Stainless Steel)
  • Fireproof Panel (Laminate, Stainless Steel)
  • Radiation Impermeable Panels (Laminate, Stainless Steel and Glassed)
  • Optional : Windowed


Esdor® EHS Hermetic door

  • Hospitals and Labs
  • The factories and Clean-Rooms that produces pharmaceutic and High-tech.
  • It is mostly used in the places that requires sound-proof infrastructure (Eg: Theatre)

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Automatic and Manual Hermetic Door Measures


Single Leafs
….. – 1000 / 2150-2500

Single / Double Leafs


Esdor® is not just desirable, it also represents the global images that provides advanced hygiene and all kinds of details.

Esdor® Hermetic Door Systems are used trustfully in operational rooms which requires hermetic system, air and water proof such places like surgery rooms and laboratories.

It is a product which completely provides the international standarts. It is a different product with its ergonomic system which provides the hygiene conditions completely. It can also be used in both Manuel and Automatic(Esdor® Automatic Door Technology) ways.


Esdor® Intelligent Door Technology

It is developed with the principle of creation an artificial intelligence application which is close to the way of work of the human brain.

The control mechanism which works with the Esdor Intelligent Door Technology has the Self-Monitoring control feature which based on percept-remark and it regulates its movement according to that principle.

Esdor® Intelligent Door Systems has “intelligent” system which ables the products to protect itself from usage errors.Besides, the Esdor® Intelligent Doors Systems does its own speed option automatically which prevents the sudden movements, therefore, it provides a protection against the mechanical misusage errors.

This qualification guarantees a reliable working for a long time.