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About Us


Ekol, a consumer-friendly company, has been serving to the pleasure of its costumers with the automatic door systems produced to operate with high performance for many years.

Ekol Co, which takes great steps in the way of being the leader in its field giving importance to Research and Development (R&D), has been the first in many fields with its systems and products.

Bringing a different dimension to the automatic door with Esdor door systems as a package-product, it provides the technician install the door with ease. It directs technicians with its quality and technical support surely to accomplish the best easily. Manufacturing its own product by developing universal solutions, Ekol is by its dealers and its customers.

Ekol, taking into consideration all the factors which create difficulties to technicians with regard to manufacturing and installation, is a company that focuses on technical training, product development and process improvement by activating all the sources to this end.

Furthermore, Ekol, as a business partner of KONE Deursystemen BV in Turkey, has been running sales, manufacture, installation and service of Waldoor automatic smart (sliding, swing, telescopic, curved, prismatic and hermetically sealed sliding) doors in Turkey, Turkish States and Middle East countries.

Ekol, not making any concessions from the principles of quality and unlimited customer satisfaction in any condition, is the first firm to have the authority to give Guarantee Certificate approved by TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) and Turkish Ministry of Industry and Trading. Ekol has also introduced in the tradition of providing service and maintenance on automatic door.



  •  TSE Service Sufficiency Certificate (The participation in the identification study in TSE and the achievement of the first certificate) (2000)
  • The achievement of “The Sufficiency of the Post-sale Services Certificate” given by The Ministry of Industry of Turkish Republic. (The first Certificate in the Automatic Door sector)
  • The Authority for giving the “Guarantee Certificate” given by The Ministry of Industry of Turkish Republic (2000)
  • The production of the Aluminum Unit of The Automatic door and put up for sale as “Package Product” (1998) – The Automatic Door Expertness Certificate (2000)
  • The Education, Examination and Documentation of The Automatic Door (2001) ( Waldoor – Ekol Joint Work)
  • The First Collaborative Work of TÜBİTAK-TTGV-University (2001)
  • The First Automatic Door Production in Turkey (2003)
  • The First Automatic Door Patent (The Cutting Edge Technology in Automatic Door in The World) (2003)
  • The First Automatic Boat Door Production (İstanbul Cityline Ferry ) (2008)
  • First Tight Automatic Ship Door Production (2009)
  • First Hermetic Door Production (2011)
  • Automatic Swing Door Production (2013)